Thursday, August 18, 2011, 8:30-10:15 am; Corporate Finance Empirical
IPOs and Firm Creation - C2

Session Chair: Tim Jenkinson, Oxford University

  • Creative Destruction and Finance Evidence from the Last Half Century PDF
    Claire Liang, R. David McLean, Mengxin Zhao
    University of Alberta
    • Discussant: Amar Bhide, Tufts University
  • Why are Most Firms Privately-Held? PDF
    Joan Farre-Mensa
    Harvard University
    • Discussant: Marco Pagano, Università di Napoli Federico II
  • Public Information and IPO Underpricing PDF
    Einar Bakke1, Tore E. Leite2, Karin S. Thorburn2
    University of Gothenburg1; Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration2
    • Discussant: Sebastian Müller, University of Mannheim