Friday, August 19, 2011, 2:00-3:45 pm; Corporate Finance Theory
Debt - C2

Session Chair: Brandon Julio, London Business School

  • The Ownership and Trading of Debt Claims in Chapter 11 Restructurings PDF
    Victoria Ivashina1, Ben Iverson1, David Smith2,
    Harvard University1; University of Virginia2
    • Discussant: Sascha Steffen, University of Mannheim
  • A Market-Based Study of the Costs of Default PDF
    Sergei Davydenko1, Ilya Strebulaev2, Xiaofei Zhao1
    University of Toronto1; Stanford University2
    • Discussant: Jerome Taillard, Boston College
  • Debt Covenants, Bankruptcy Risk, and Issuance Costs PDF
    Sattar A. Mansi1, Yaxuan Qi2, John K. Wald3
    Virginia Tech1; Concordia University2; University of Texas - San Antonio3
    • Discussant: Ramin Baghai, Stockholm School of Economics